Kasia Kiliszek Photography

Who I work with?

I’m in my element when supporting people whose projects involve sustainability, sweaty pursuits, movement and holistic practice. I work with ethical & wellbeing brands because I personally like knowing where my food or apparel comes from and I try to reduce the negative impact on the planet in most aspects of my life.

About me

Yoga and Mindfulness are a big part of my life and I bring principles of these practices into my work. I have a candid approach to photography and my intention is to create a calm environment where you can feel comfortable, grounded and at ease.

"Kasia's quiet, candid and evocative style of storytelling is pervasive across her work. The images that she makes are an essential reflection of life and human closeness and have the remarkable quality of bringing forth the soul of the Other." -Together & Sunspell

Selected Clients -

Lululemon, Wild Source Apothecary, Organic Basics, Kyushi, Studio Rua, Yoga Brunch Club, Spring Wharf, Crumbs Mag, Chaos and Colour, The Forge, Leather Needle Thread, Gutsy UK, Liz Vidal, Polly Collins, Bristol City Yoga, Move with Ease, Brave Move, Extract Coffee, Satta.

Selected features and exhibitions -

Something Old, Somewhere New - Yoga Brunch Club Feature for Oh Magazine

Zwykle Zycie, Senses, Nr 18

Satta Journeys, Exploring Lanzarote

IPF Exhibition - House of Vans, London, 2017

Together & Sunspell

I'm Not Perfect Zine, Issue 15

I'm Not Perfect Zine, Issue 13

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