Kasia Kiliszek Photography


  1. Yoga Brunch Club @The Forge with Jess Wolff

    Yesterday, before my camera broke (yes it really happened during a shoot) I had a chance to photograph another Yoga Brunch Club. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture all the delicious food but here’s equally lovely Jess from Wild Wolf’s teaching a restorative yin practice at The Forge.

  2. Alexander Technique Workshop

    Last Sunday I was invited to photograph an Alexander Technique workshop for Musicians organised by Jenny Quick. Jenny has been involved with helping people physically and artistically for over 30 years. Former Physiotherapist, lifelong musician, Instrumental Coach and Accompanist she anchors herself in the Alexander Technique as the central core…

  3. BTS - Wild Swimming with Deya

    I met Deya last Tuesday and today, early in the morning, I joined her at Clevedon Lake to capture her outdoor swim practice. I love how sometimes the energy exchange between people is so pure and connection is so strong, that you immediately take it to another level.When I got…

  4. Interview with Moon & Junes for Zwykle Zycie Mag

  5. Interview with Together and Sunspell

    In August 2018 I had the pleasure of talking to Together And Sunspell about my journey into photography, self-love and starting This Is Womb. I have to admit, it’s a strange thing not only to read an interview with yourself but also to not be critical of yourself when you…

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