Photograph: Iona Singleton

Kasia Kiliszek 

Bristol - Cornwall

I'm interested in capturing candid images that bring a meditative quality to mind. I like focusing on stories about people, their passions, connection with nature and spiritual practices.

When working with brands I favour those with high social responsibility and low environmental impact.

Outside of work I spend my free time doing an MA in Buddhist Studies, strength training, practicing Qigong and walking my dog in nature. 


In the spirit of dāna -  meaning generosity in Pali language - I  offer  a donation-based option to individuals, charities and organisations. 

Dana is a voluntary expression of appreciation and gratitude. The principle of Dana maintains a tradition that has been established 2,500 years ago. It is a practice that diminishes self-centredness and includes the well-being of others in our actions. There is no correct sum to give. The amount depends upon your ability to give and how your heart is moved.


Phone: +44 7908432151

Instagram: @kkiliszek

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